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Variables such as weather exposure, job size and complexity, floor traffic, job frequency, etc., costs should be projected specifically for the serviec you have in mind.

Ask for a bid in advance and be sure to make comparisons based on complete specifications of the service provided.

Your Real Clean representative will provide you with a free estimate, and give you the freedom to open your business when your're ready, and continue to help maintain your attractive image.

 Having a professional window cleaning service can actually contribute to higher profits for your business.


Over the last thirty years of running a professional window cleaning service, I've noticed a few things that I'd like to share for your benefit. As you know, a successful business not only looks for the immediate profit but also the long term profit. Whether you need your windows cleaned once a week or once a year, there are a few key points that will help you get the best results time after time.

Window Cleaning ~Pressure Washing~ Gutter Cleaning~ Mirrors ~ Chandeliers ~ Porch Lights.

A professional window service can actually add to the success of your business.



 There is alot to be said about "First Impressions". For example: "Your first impression lasts the longest," or "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." These wise sayings can relate to your customer's impression and the image held or your business. When they approach your place of business, they usually see your windows first. They now have an image in mind. Clean translates into a good feeling which is especially important if your business handles food. Considering the high advertising costs of buiding a sharp image, professional window cleaning can easily pay for itself. When given a choice, we all shop at the stores we feel good about buying from.



It may seem logical that having your employees wash the windows would save you money, but the reverse is probably true. Most people relate to the famous saying "I Don't Do Windows." (I've even noticed that people who clean homes for a living don't like to do windows.) Without proper training and state-of-the-art equipment, it's very frustrating and time consuming to try cleaning windows. Usually the results are disappointing and the ultimate costs of having employees attempt to do windows are high. They may become discouraged because they weren't able to do a good job or it took them much longer than they thought. If your people are busy trying to wash windows, they are not doing what they do "best" which is helping with the sales and providing friendly customer service. (Your Real Clean service provider will have the talent, experience, integrity, and dependability to handle the job safely and professionally with astounding results time after time.) People love to do what they're good at and it shows.


Most store front windows require an extension pole or a ladder to reach the top and many have additional high window for more light. The liability issues of having an employee get up on a ladder to clean windows are great. This aspect of the job should be left to professionals who know about their own safety as well as others. They are aware of their surroundings at all times and diligent about keeping their equipment out of the way of customer traffic. They also have been trained not to damage your glass. Untrained in the art of window cleaning, many well-meaning employees have permanently stained, scratched, and even broken expensive plate glass.(Your Real Clean professional pays attention to detail and can alert you to problems such as broken seals, loose glass, chemical damage, etc. He can even advise you on remedies to most glass related problems.) A professional window cleaning service regularly invests in the finest equipment and cleaning agents available.

We all know that a good image of cleanliness, quality products and exceptional service is paramount in a successful and prosperous business. Just as advertising helps build your image over a period of time, such is the case with professionally cleaned windows.


(At Real Clean, our aim is to provide the highest level of professional service.)

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